Our well trained air conditioning technicians have several years of experience when it comes to air conditioning repair and installation. We are proud to offer fast, 24 hour emergency service for those unexpected air conditioning troubles. Modern Heat Transfer’s vehicles are fully stocked and ready to come take care of all of your air conditioning needs. Along with our great service, we also offer a full range of new air conditioners if you are in the need for a new air conditioning system.

Here is a list of Lenox Air Conditioners we are currently offering ranging from good to best:

13 ACX

1. Lennox Merit® Series  13ACX Air Conditioner

    The economical choice, 76 dB sound level rating, 10 year warranty

XC 13

2. Lennox  Elite® Series  XC13 Air Conditioner

    Most popular and affordable choice, 74 dB sound level rating, 10 year

XC 17

3. Dave Lennox Signature® Collection  XC17 Air Conditioner

    Most efficient and quietest, 62 dB sound rating, Wi-Fi Icomfort compatible,     best choice for the environment, 10 year warranty

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A few things to know

Be sure your new Air conditioning unit is sized to meet the design and layout of your  new  or existing home.  Many times, if care is not taken the unit may be undersized or oversized. This is why using proper heat load calculations is essential in determining the capacity. If you have installed one already and it doesn’t ever cycle, it is likely too small or the heat gain in your home exceeds the capacity of your unit.

Several factors contribute to this problem if they are not taken into account when sizing.

• The size and the number of windows in your home.
• Insulation value
• Ceiling height impacts the cooling load  and ventilation requirements.
• The number of people/pets  living,  cooking, washing and cleaning. 
• The direction of sun exposure with respect to windows blinds etc.
• Number of computers, TV's and appliances that are in operation.
• If you are using a HRV for intermittent  air changes there could be a significant increase in cooling costs with the HRV running.
If the HRV is used in the warm summer months, it will draw in warm air that already may contain a considerable amount of moisture, particularly in lake country, and replace air that may be cooler inside. This may have exactly the opposite effect than desired and raise the RH of the indoor air rather than reduce it. For these instances we suggest only running it in the evening or just opening a window is good too. The HRV Vanee Smart Controller measures the outdoor humidity and will make the call to bring in fresh air or not based on the outdoor humidity.

Lastly, what is just as important is the amount of air flow. The size of the blower fan,  vents and ducts also determines the velocity and volume of cool air delivery to each room. The proper return air openings in each room are also crucial for air movement. Being able to balance the home for total comfort can be very challenging at times. If you have a issue with cooling certain parts of the home, give us a call today and we will come out to inspect your cooling system and determine the cause whether it be an air conditioner problem or a ventilation problem, we have the answers you are looking for and are here to help.

We offer our sales and service to all of the following areas:

Steinbach, Grunthal, Kleefled, St. Anne, La Broquerie, Blumenort, Landmark, Lorette, Ile Des Chenes, St. Adolphe, St. Agathe, Niverville, St. Pierre, St. Malo, Rosenort, Morris and Vita and surrounding areas, including some of Winnipeg.