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Modern Heat Transfer Ltd. is now located near Steinbach, Manitoba and has been providing HVAC services to Winnipeg and rural Manitoba for many years.

We can help your home or business in a variety of ways including equipment installation, maintenance and service. We also work with Commercial Home Builders on providing complete HVAC installations for New Homes.

With our long standing relationships with commercial clients many times we are called upon at a personal level with residential needs as we have earned their valued trust with our skill, workmanship, and integrity. This makes us a unique company being able to deliver effectively to both commercial and residential needs.

We strive to provide the highest quality HVAC equipment for your home or business.

Maintenance & Service

Our highly trained staff can service all of your HVAC equipment with skill and timely service.

In addition you may find it beneficial to join our growing number of clients taking advantage of our regularly scheduled maintenance program. With this commitment by you it moves you to the top of the list as a preferred customer. You also will receive 10% off of all regular parts and service for as long as the agreement is in place.

Be sure to ask about these programs!

Modern Heat Transfer offers HVAC Services to all of the following areas:

Steinbach, Grunthal, Kleefled, St. Anne, La Broquerie, Blumenort, Landmark, Lorette, Ile Des Chenes, St. Adolphe, St. Agathe, Niverville, St. Pierre, St. Malo, Rosenort, Morris and Vita and surrounding areas. We also provide services in Winnipeg from time to time.

For our Planned Service Program We Will Do the Following:


Blower & Motor
• Blower & motor pulleys,
• Induced draft motor
• Squirrel cage cleanliness

Gas Line & Shut offs
• Inspect valves, piping, hangers
• Gas shut off valves
• Manifold & Orifices
• Check gas pressure

Pilot & Thermocouples
• Pilot flame color and size
• Ignition & flame sensors

Combustion Chamber
• Heat Exchanger inspection
• Primary intake
• Draft hood and venting
• Chimney flues
• Venting and termination (636)

Switches, Circuits & Controls
• 120 volt circuits
• Low voltage circuits
• Thermostat operation
• Wiring
• Ignition control module
• Check all controls and safeties

Air Conditioner

• Inspect all A/C components
• Thermostat operation
• Blower belts & bearings
• Inspect air filter
• Check condensate pump
• Inspect and clean drain
• Inspect refrigeration lines
• Condenser fan operation
• Condenser coil cleanliness
• System air flow
• Pressure and refrigerant charge
• Contactors, capacitors and wiring
• Compressor operation and perfromance