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Sheet Metal & Ventilation

Mixing Old World Craftsmanship with New Age Technology Modern Heat Transfer guarantees the job done right and neatly each and every time. With home building up at an all time high don’t get stuck in the cold with a poor installation or a “Hack Job.”

We manufacture our own sheet metal in our shop which in turn reduces your costs and speeds up your installation time dramatically.

We employ Red Seal Journeyman in the trade of Sheet metal. These people have done it all from sizing and building large industrial ventilation projects right down to residential home heating systems.

We will design, manufacture, install and balance your ductwork system accurately. For every system we use calculations and engineering data on the home layout, ensuring the best ventilation solutions are integrated. Certain factors will determine the comfort levels in each and every room of your entire home. By under sizing the blower or ductwork, the proper amounts of cooling, heating and air flow in your home will be greatly affected. Most homes are not balanced the way they should be due to these very reasons. And there is nothing worse than home comfort levels being inadequate.

And what about nasty mold and bacteria? Ventilation is key in preventing mold and bacteria growth in susceptible parts of your home. So why take the chance of a less than satisfactory job when spending all that money? With our knowledge, experience and commitment we will strive to do it right every time giving you optimum comfort and a healthy climate. You have our word!

“There is a difference!”

Modern Heat Transfer can make many fittings right on site in our 30 ft installation trailer. No need to run back to the shop when we can often finish the job right on site.

Interior of Trailer

HRV’S Heat Recovery Ventilators

A heat recovery ventilator, or HRV, also called an air-to-air heat exchanger, can be installed to increase ventilation which will help reduce the radon levels in your home. An HRV will increase ventilation by introducing outdoor air while using the heated or cooled air being exhausted to warm or cool the incoming air. HRVs can be designed to ventilate all or part of your home, although they are more effective in reducing radon levels when used to ventilate only the basement. If properly balanced and maintained, they ensure a constant degree of ventilation throughout the year. HRV units also aid in the dehumidification of the home particularly in winter months and can improve air quality in homes that have other indoor pollutants.

Controlling Mould and Dust Mite Growth

Mould and dust mite allergens can be the cause of many breathing symptoms, especially for the allergic/asthmatic. High humidity causes mould and dust mites to multiply and thus is a priority focus for correction throughout the many places in the home these can grow. Mould is often detectable to the naked eye (e.g., black spots on wood window frames, bathroom tiles, carpeting and walls). Other potential mould growth areas are in ventilation equipment such as air conditioning coils, humidifiers, air exchanges coils and dehumidifiers.

Basements are notorious for mould and dust mite problems. Being below ground level increases the possibility of water infiltration. This can be due to structural problems whereby the protective membrane between the earth and the foundation wall fails to prevent water from seeping through. Old homes that have had their windows upgraded were not designed to be airtight and can trap humidity, leading to mould growth in the areas of the home mentioned above.

How do you fix high humidity? Proper ventilation all year round is crucial for controlling the problem.

Controlling Comfort

Ventilation can affect your comfort level in the home. Too cold in one room, too hot in another; too much air in one room, not enough in another. This is when you must call in a ventilation expert to try to balance the air circulation as best possible.

If you are concerned about the air quality in your home or are looking for a free in home estimate on equipment sales, give us a call today.

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Modern Heat Transfer offers two different makes of HRV units: